Build a High Performance Team 发展优势团队的战略

One of the most common objectives of a team is to solve a certain problem, which is usually why a team is created. Team members bring a diverse set of skills to the team and this provides a great scenario and the best chance in finding a solution. Because the team is comprised of individuals that bring a unique skill set, it provides the team with a “the whole is greater than its parts” setup which is a valuable tool.

Strengths is a Business Strategy
A team’s success depends on its ability to perform. The role as a coach is to help the manager and his or her team perform. In every coaching session, whether it is a coaching conversation with a manager, a team members or a collective team, should have “performance” at its core.

Developing a Team Strategy

Team coaching should always start with the managers. The impact of a successful coaching depends on the team leader’s commitment and enthusiasm. His or her active involvement, buy-in, and support to build a “high performance’ team will bear directly on the effectiveness and sustainability of coaching sessions.




Video – Build A High Performance Team
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