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Corporate Wellbeing


此時此刻企業可能要比以往任何時候都更加需要關注員工的福祉。COVID-19 疫情給我們的生活帶來了前所未有的劇烈變化,對我們生活產生各方面的影響 – 包括職業,社會,財務,社區和身體健康。各種工作人,從便利超商、醫院、基礎工作人員的安全考量,到在家遠距工作的員工,或被降低工時者的情緒和財務顧慮,每個人都在工作領域中感受到不穩定。


  1. 了解這段期間人們的關鍵需求
  2. 關注員工福祉的重要性
  3. 作為一位教練和領導者可以支持員工幸福感的實用技巧

Now, possibly more than ever, there is a need for focus on employee wellbeing. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought unprecedented and rapid change to our lives, affecting each element of our wellbeing — career, social, financial, community and physical. From the safety concerns of essential workers in places like grocery stores and hospitals to the emotional and financial concerns of those working from home or working less, everyone is experiencing a feeling of instability at work.

Through this webinar, you will learn:

  1. Understand the key needs of people during this period
  2. The importance of focusing on employee wellbeing
  3. Practical tips to support wellbeing as a coach and a leader.


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