如何透过善用 ICF 核心教练能力建立有效的教练模型品牌化您的教练流程


ICF Coaching Module

Great to be part of the ICF “kick-off” Chines event for 2021 after the new launch of ICF branding.

What coaching competencies, ideas, models and processes do coaches use? Are they the best-kept trade secrets of people who prefer to produce results as if by magic? What makes a great coach and describes a new model to guide the coaching process? Or are models and processes used in a manner that is transparent for clients and shows them what coaches actually do and to involve them in the process?

In this session, you will learn:

1. How coaching model provides a clear and transparent process of demonstrating your coaching competencies and coaching skills?

2. The benefits of using the essential coaching skills and model to structure coaching sessions and coaching programmes? How to expand reality, create objectivity and perspectives?

3. What are the examples of using coaching models as the framework for developing the coaching relationship?

4. How to create your own coaching module, allow for flexibility and individuality?


Jan 1月

線上直播 (中文課程)




  1. 教练模型如何能提供清晰透明的过程,来呈现您的教练核心能力和教练策略?
  2. 使用教练的基本技巧和模型来架构教练流程和教练计划有什么好处?如何扩展现实,与客户共创客观的观点?
  3. 使用教练模型建立教练关系与教练框架的例子有什么?
  4. 如何创建您特有的教练模块,以实现品牌化和提供个性化专业服务?


Jan 1月

Cheers 雜誌探索孩子優勢&激發學習動力



這次營隊,讓孩子學會找到可以讓自己不斷往前的力量,不論往後孩子面臨何種選擇,都能做出最適合自己的決定,在舞台上發光又發亮。第一步從哪裡開始?當然是先找出孩子的個人優勢!透過全球超過2200萬人使用的美國蓋洛普優勢測評 Gallup StrengthsFinder 測驗,搭配美國1000所大學都在使用的 StrengthsFinder 行動方案,協助孩子具象化自己的優勢和興趣,釐清自己最與眾不同之處,進而連接到自己喜歡、想要就讀的科系。

108 課綱



Gallup Webinar: How Millennials Want to Work and Live

Gallup 蓋洛普常被詢問 : “千禧世代真的有那麼大的不同嗎?” 答案是肯定的。



  • 如何吸引和留住千禧一代?
  • 如何融合與發展他們?
  • 他們想從經理人那裡獲得什麼?

PEOPLE OFTEN ASK GALLUP: “Are millennials really that different?” The answer is yes — profoundly so. Millennials will change the world decisively more than any other generation. Defined by their lack of attachment to institutions and traditions, millennials change jobs more often than other generations — more than half say they’re currently looking for a new job. Millennials are changing the very will of the world. So we, too, must change. Join this webinar to understand:

    • How to attract and retain millennials
    • How to engage and develop them
    • What do they want from their managers

Gallup EVENT  活動已經結束,點選重播



Dec 12月

線上直播 (英文工作坊,中文翻譯)


How Millennials Want to Work and Live

誕生於 1981 – 1996 年之間的千禧世代Millennials,他們的價值觀和作風與上一代迥然不同,因為他們是真正誕生於網路世代,普遍富足的一代,天生喜愛追求新事物,喜好流動難測的歷險,敢於挑戰權威,樂於嚐試不同的方式來定義自我。他們關注社會議題、勇於表現自己的價值觀,同時希望透過行動來發揮影響力,實踐個人理念。

Gallup EVENT  活動已經結束,點選重播


Oct 10月

線上優勢工作坊 (重播線上錄音)


Create a Culture of Wellbeing

此時此刻可能比以往任何時候都更加需要關注員工的福祉。COVID-19疫情給我們的生活帶來了前所未有的劇烈變化,影響了我們生活的方方面面 – 包括職業,社會,財務,社區和身體健康。從雜貨店和醫院等基礎工作人員的安全考量,到居家工作者,或降低工時者的情緒和財務顧慮,每個人都在工作領域中感到不穩定。



StrengthsFinder 台灣

How to Use Points of You® Tools for Wellbeing Coaching and Facilitation

The 3rd using Points of You group coaching sessions conducted by Viya Chen and Chuen Chuen Yeo with Institute for Adult Learning Singapore to increase the awareness of Wellbeing: The 5 Essential Element . IAL supports Adult Education professionals, businesses, human resource developers and policy makers through its comprehensive suite of programmes and services in raising capabilities and catalysing innovations in Continuing Education and Training (CET)

When delivering training in the workplace, or any other form of adult learning, it is imperative that participants are actively engaging with the training material. Those taking part in activities relating to capability and knowledge development must have a clear understanding of not only the subject matter, but also its relevance to them and the applicability of the training to their day-to-day work. Good workplace learning is characterised by high levels of engagement, high levels of energy, clear relevance of the subject matter, and the potential to implement and apply the training outcomes at workplace.


“Protecting mental health takes a collective effort. Let’s resolve to work together to understand mental health better, and to care for one another during these difficult times.” … PM Lee

In the upcoming workshop, we will based on the global study of  Gallup 5 Elements of WELLBEING as the framework to flip the challenge of COVID-19 pandemic.  Points of You® methodology involves the application of a collection of creative tools for professional and personal development. Developed in 2006 by two professional coaches, this methodology has had a transformative impact on both individuals and organisations in 147 countries; the tools have been translated into 20 different languages and have been successfully implemented by more than one million people worldwide. Based on the andragogical research of Malcolm Knowles, these tools have been selected in order to help participants bridge the gap between knowledge and experience, delivering immediate takeaways that can be applied in a number of contexts. A cornerstone of the Points of You® method is the interaction between the right brain — the intuitive and emotional half of the brain — and the logical and analytical left brain. By drawing on the power of a whole-brain approach, new possibilities happen and new neural connections are formed, which translates into new insights and breakthroughs for the participants.

What does it cover?

  • Understand the way in which both left- and right-brain learning can be harnessed to enhance learning experiences of current challenges
  • Understand the way in which the Points of You® tools and methodology can be incorporated into their own unique coaching, training, and facilitation practices as the example of improving wellbeing
  • Be able to select and employ the Gallup 5 elements of Wellbeing as the learning foundation to maximum effect in adult education
  • Be able to employ a coaching approach to facilitate adult learning through the use of Points of You® and Gallup Wellbeing module



    Nov 月


    Creating a Culture of Wellbeing


    此時此刻企業可能要比以往任何時候都更加需要關注員工的福祉。COVID-19 疫情給我們的生活帶來了前所未有的劇烈變化,對我們生活產生各方面的影響 – 包括職業,社會,財務,社區和身體健康。各種工作人,從便利超商、醫院、基礎工作人員的安全考量,到在家遠距工作的員工,或被降低工時者的情緒和財務顧慮,每個人都在工作領域中感受到不穩定。


    1. 了解這段期間人們的關鍵需求
    2. 關注員工福祉的重要性
    3. 作為一位教練和領導者可以支持員工幸福感的實用技巧

    Now, possibly more than ever, there is a need for focus on employee wellbeing. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought unprecedented and rapid change to our lives, affecting each element of our wellbeing — career, social, financial, community and physical. From the safety concerns of essential workers in places like grocery stores and hospitals to the emotional and financial concerns of those working from home or working less, everyone is experiencing a feeling of instability at work.

    Through this webinar, you will learn:

    1. Understand the key needs of people during this period
    2. The importance of focusing on employee wellbeing
    3. Practical tips to support wellbeing as a coach and a leader.


    Create a Culture of Coaching 



    1. 如何使用優勢立基的教練技巧來最大化公司績效
    2. 頂尖國際公司如何實踐以優勢立基的教練輔導策略
    3. 如何善用CliftonStrengths幫助公司獲得更好的績效、更高的客戶滿意度和更佳的員工敬業精神

    The changing workplace demands that managers move from boss to coach.

    Learn how you can use a strengths-based approach to improve employee engagement and performance and transform your workplace culture.

    During this webinar, you will learn:

    1. how to use strengths-based coaching to maximize performance
    2. best practices from top companies using a strengths-based coaching approach
    3. how to gain increased performance, higher customer metrics and higher employee engagement using CliftonStrengths


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