StrengthsFinder #9 – Competition 競争 Action 1-2-3

Competition 競争 – Influencing Leadership Domain Why do people with Competition talent measure their progress against the performance of others? People exceptionally talented in the Competition theme measure their progress against the performance of others. They strive to win first

优势部落 – 耳闻目见,不如力行

优势部落 – 耳闻目见,不如力行

I-AM COACH 我是教练 < CLICK 有声教练 ->>> I-AM COACH 我是教练 教练的角色,是帮助客户实现梦想,教练也将陪伴客户,影响客户的未来与改变,那么,在教练学习的时候,需要支持怎样的原则?什么是 I AM COACH 的心态?在成为创业,事业,或高管教练前,如何实践成功学习,协助客户?教练课程的一种态度,它决定你学习的高度,远比其他专业背景来得重要。我们姑且称其为:有效课程的几个关键要点。准备 “我是教练” I AM COACH 的心态,力行几种学习原则,将帮助你的学习更有收获。 1. Involve 全心投入:做出贡献 2. Aware 自我觉察:觉察和意识到自己和他人的共创和互动影响 3. Moment 关注“当下”:百分之百留意 4. Confidential 保持机密性 5. Open 有着开放的态度:不妄加判断 6. Assumption 不将假设观点,强加于人 7. Conversation

StrengthsFinder #16 – Empathy 體諒 Action 1-2-3

Empathy – Relationship Building Leadership Domain Why can people talented in Empathy sense other people’s feelings? People exceptionally talented in the Empathy theme can sense other people’s feeling by imagining themselves in others’ lives or situation. Their instinctive ability to

StrengthsFinder #22 – Individualization 個別 Action 1-2-3

Individualization – Relationship Building Domain Why do people talented in the Individualization theme have a gift for figuring out how different people can work together productively? People exceptionally talented in the Individualisation theme are intrigued with the unique qualities of

StrengthsFinder #24 – Intellection 思維 Action 1-2-3

Intellection – Strategic Thinking Leadership Domain Why are people with Intellection characterized by their intellectual activity? They are introspective and appreciate intellectual discussion. They need time for reflection and meditation. They see thinking as synonymous with doing. They prefer drilling

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