What’s Coaching?
6 Ways of Helping People: Coaching, Consultancy, Mentoring, Facilitation, Therapy and Training

Empowering individuals, business owners or leaders to leverage strengths and focus on performance by Viya’s signature STRENGTHS 4 SUCCESS – 4E Coaching strategies:

1. EXPLORE – Discover, Appreciate, and Invest in a Strengths Profile
2. ENVISION – Accelerate Strengths Through a Positive Approach
3. ENGAGE – Activate Strengths and Align Head, Heart and Hands
4. EMPOWER – Strengths-Based Actions to Achieve Greater Performance

Join 30-DAY Fast Track to accelerate Strengths or 90-Day Challenge to enable you to prioritize, execute, implement and most importance, you will find your Power and Edge to activate your Strengths for Success by experiencing “The Best of You” Journey:

1. Vision & Goal Setting: Clarify what you need and want to accomplish
2. Action Plan: Create a plan for how you will get there
3. Milestones: Check and review the progress
4. Modification: Correct courses or actions as needed
5. Celebration: Appreciate the progress you made by end of 30/or 90 Days

This law becomes quite apparent in the way that you will be inspired by experiencing the meditative journey of reviewing the logical thinking of your Head, the emotional feeling of your Heart, and the intention triggered by your Hands. You will be able to follow the enthusiasm of the alignment and feel empowered by achieving your goals in Business of Life.

The Essential of Exploring Strengths for Success:
Core Principle #1: Awareness of Inherited Talents
Core Principle #2: Possibility and Positivity
Core Principle #3: Focus on Strengths
Core Principle #4: Identify the Passions
Core Principle #5: Powerful Questioning
Core Principle #6: Committing to Changes
Unlock the power
A clear and compelling vision can drive extraordinary business results. It provides a focus for people’s decisions and actions, and it creates the feeling of a tribe that most people find necessary and motivating. Planning your life involves reflecting about where you want it to go. Leading your business and your life are important and need to be farsighted. Farsighted leaders take the following actions:

1. See possible futures that are good for the enterprise
2. Articulate their vision in a compelling and inclusive way
3. Model their vision
4. See past obstacles
5. Invite others to participate in their vision

Explore your strengths, expectations, issues and uniqueness – This is the most powerful approach for organizations and individuals to achieve great success both personally and professionally. We work in partnership with our clients to elevate their potential and create possibilities. We take them from where they are to where they want to be.


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