L1 Explores and L2 Creative Practitioners Program

L.1 and L.2 a 3-day Explorer and Creative Practitioners combined face to face workshop in Taiwan or Singapore. Learn how to use an exclusive technique of photo observation, the empowering language of photos, and a creative practice of 3 Points of You® tools – The Coaching Game, Punctum and Faces

24 credits can be recognised integrated into ICA’s CoachCert (ACTP) program
We are excited to share with you that L.1 and L.2 combined learners will get 24 ICF CCEs, who can either set up their own practice, use in individuals or organisations or blend with their existing expertise. Graduates want to become a certified professional coach. Prior learning of 24 credits can be recognised by ICA Bridging program, integrated into ICA’s CoachCert (ACTP) program, continue the journey of becoming ACC or PCC certified coach.

We choose to align with the International Coach Federation (ICF) because Coaching is a global profession and the ICF continues to be the most established and globally recognised peak body. Contact us for more information.

新加坡 Singapore L.1/L. 2 Registration https://forms.gle/q48UxYPg4zrmjtL49
12-14 Feb (中文) Viya Chen x Chuen Chuen Yeo
12-14 Mar (English) Viya Chen x Suman Balani
27-29 Apr (English) Viya Chen x Suman Balani
27-29 (中文) Viya Chen x Chuen Chuen Yeo

台灣 Taiwan L.1/L.2 https://forms.gle/VcgWnPvrhQjU5z437

參加 L.1和L.2,為期3天的探索者和創意實踐家,在台灣或新加坡進行的3天面對面認證課程。學習如何使用照片觀察、拓展團隊教練觀點的視覺化工具,圖片的語言以及3種 Points of You®工具的實踐 – 包含教練遊戲,龐透和臉譜。學習者將獲得 ICF 的 24 個 CCE,可以建立自己的實踐工作坊,或在個人或組織中使用,與現有的專業知識融合。

畢業生若想成為一名 ICF 認證的專業教練。 ICA 國際教練學院的橋樑計劃,將會認可這24個學分,整合到 ICA 全球社群的CoachCert(ACTP)發展課程中,朝向成為 ACC 或 PCC 認證教練的旅程。 我們選擇與國際教練聯合會(ICF)保持一致,因為教練是一項全球性專業,ICF 仍然是至今全球知名的和客戶公認的高峰認證組織。

新加坡 Singapore 中英文課程:https://forms.gle/q48UxYPg4zrmjtL49
台灣 Taiwan 中文課程: https://forms.gle/VcgWnPvrhQjU5z437

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