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Many leaders have been using Clifton StrengthsFinder in their organizations or individuals for years. There has been a great cultural shift in the companies and the personal lives of the employees. StrengthsFinder gives us insight on who we are by exploring Top 5 or All 34 report. It is our natural way of thinking, feeling and action taking. People have more self-awareness and engagement in the work place and life.

– Discover what you naturally do best
– Explore your natural patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving
– Learn how to develop your greatest talents
– Work with professional coaches to use Strengths and live your best life
– Get your CliftonStrengthss results and aim your talents to achieve the business, professional, team and personal goals

Gallup saw a need to find a way to build and keep business growth. By studying the movers and shakers of the top entrepreneurs, Gallup was able to analyse the thinking and behaviors of those select people into 10 traits of creating business success. The Builder Profile 10 (BP10) allows us to recognize how we think in our roles at work. Whether we work for ourselves or in an organization, we are all Builders.

Clifton StrengthsFinder has given us an opportunity to see how we do life and work. BP10 shows us how we think about business. When Millennials make up about 35% of the global workforce – and they are redefining the employer-employee relationship. How to recognize their value and develop their strengths, while demonstrating the possibility of future career advancement most appeal to this growing demographic of the workforce? BP10 Builder Profile 10, the rank order of a person’s 10 builder talents will make it possible to identify and develop their builder talents to become more successful business builders.

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Finding a Career that Help you Grow after Graduated …What do you do well? What activities energise you? When do you feel that you are most like “yourself”? When are you at your best?

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