Build upon your natural talents to empower yourself and your team.  Transform great potential to greater performance 


Start with StrengthsBusiness Combined Solutions, Inspire and Empower Exceptional Performance and High Innovation From Today


Strengths Team for High Performance

Explore team strengths, bridge the science of analytics with the art of coaching. Enable individuals to achieve what’s possible for the future. Create a workplace that empower your people and business to success.

Points of You Group Coaching and Facilitation

An unique group coaching visualization tools and methods for inspiration, learning and development.  Expand your professional toolkit and introduce an intuitive catalyst into your personal and team engagement.

Gallup Builder Profile BP10 Business Module

Business builders and entrepreneurs are born with unique talents . Take the Builder Profile 10 assessment to discover your dominant builder talents, identify your ideal business module and role in organisations.

Leadership Coaching and Training

Every person has potential to lead self or become a high performance manager or team leader. Explore you and your team’s strengths, develop team engagement and leadership skills using the strengths based approach during coaching session

CliftonStrengths and BP10 Assessments

Find the right assessment as part of the program that is right for you and your company.  Top 5 CliftonStrength for introduction, all 34 to maximise the full potentials, or identifies individuals unique builder talent profile by BP10. 

Motivational Strengths Keynote Speaker

Strengths based leadership, change management, business communication, or coaching topics, combining education, engagement, and entertainment, aspire to apply immediately in their business and career lives.

Generate innovative Ideas. create an exceptional workplace.

Gallup research shows that people who know and use their Strengths are: More engagement at work, More productive in their roles, happier and healthier


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create Strengths based actions

Many leaders have been using Clifton StrengthsFinder plans of action in their organizations or individuals for years to have more self-awareness and engagement in the work place and life. There has been a great cultural shift in the companies and the personal lives of the employees. CliftonStrengths assessment gives us insight on who we are by exploring Top 5 or All 34 report. StrengthsBusiness partner with clients, create actions based on your specific goals, leverage our natural way of thinking, feeling and action taking. 

leadership strengths = talents x (experiences + development) 

  • Discover what you and your team naturally do best
  • Explore your natural patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving
  • Learn how to develop your greatest talents
  • Work with professional coaches to use Strengths and live your best life
  • Get your CliftonStrengths results and aim your talents to achieve the business, professional, team and personal goals

Business builder profile BP10 program

Gallup analyse the thinking and behaviors of those select people into 10 traits of creating business success. The Builder Profile 10 (BP10) allows us to recognize how we think in our roles at work. Whether we work for ourselves or in an organization, we are all Builders.